Custom glass Stairs

Brushed-finish AISI 304 stainless steel structure featuring steps made of extra-clear tempered glass 7 feet wide and 2 inches thick. The top layer of the steps has an anti-slip coating and is attached to the structure with patented hooks recessed into the glass, without the need to drill holes in the glass to keep the top surface intact. The railing is also made of extra-clear tempered glass 1 ½ inches thick. Additionally, all the glass has been laminated with the anti-hurricane SGP plastic (SentryGlas by Dupont).
glass steel stairs marretti1
glass steel stairs marretti2

Top notch engineering,
high quality materials

Marretti’s staircases for Commercial projects are engineered, completely custom made and created to comply with the International Builders Code (IBC) or any other US Building Code your staircase is required to follow.
Marretti Stairs works with designers, architects, general contractors, developers and consumers to bring ideas into realizations. Our team becomes an extension of your team whether you want to realize your own staircase ideas or would like the expert advice of our design engineers, together we can create the perfect staircase for your company needs.
commercial staircase by marretti1
Top notch engineering, high quality materials and attention to design details create an all Made in Italy staircase where design and engineering become one.
We are very attentive to your construction schedule to meet your project deadline on time.
Ultimately your unique staircase is installed by our expert local installation team to perfectly fit the space.
commercial staircase by marretti1b
steel stringers staircase marretti10commercial

the greatest visual contributor to the space

Marretti’s team closely works with architects and engineers in realizing the most beautiful designs for a public building staircase, making the staircase the greatest visual contributor to the space itself.

steel stringers staircase marretti12commercial
From the concept of the staircase to the selection of materials and finishes to production and installation Marretti is a great addition to your team.
steel stringers staircase marretti11 commercial

Led Lighting

marble led light stairs
marble light stairs marretti3

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