Grand Design Stairs

24 Karat gold-plated staircase

This spiral staircase has a double lateral structure made of polished stainless steel boxed stringers, covered in 24K gold with steps made of 3 feet wide and 2 inches thick grey marble. The steps are supported by polished stainless steel and are equipped with LED lighting both on the steps and inside the groove of the handrail carved into the structure’s thickness.
The staircase has a single-piece design that allows for fastening only at the start and end points. Furthermore, a unique out-of-tank galvanic finishing process was used for the 24K gold finish, developed explicitly for this project.

marretti stairs gold stringers
marretti stairs bronze cladding

Bronze cladding structure and Curved Glass

Helix-shaped staircase with double side structure in painted steel and central bronze-cladding structure with marble steps, banister in curved ultra-clear structural low iron glass with handrail in brushed stainless steel.

Helicoidal structure
in blackened steel roll

10-foot-diameter spiral staircase with a double-sided structure.

The internal part of the staircase comprises a boxed system of 2 inches thickness in Hot Rolled Blackened steel, while the exterior design is coated with bronzed brass with a 4-inch thickness, and the handrail is recessed into the structure. The staircase has LED lighting on the steps and inside the recessed handrail.

The steps are made of white Oak wood with a thickness of 6 inches.

marretti stairs black steel roll
marretti marble

Stringers with double structure

Stringers with double structure on each side in polished AISI 304 stainless steel, 1 inch thick, with a shaped profile and structural glass banister sandwiched between the structures.
The steps and risers are made of “Calacatta Gold” marble, 5 feet wide and 2 inches thick, with color changing LED lighting.

Custom Glass Stair

Brushed-finish AISI 304 stainless steel structure featuring steps made of extra-clear tempered glass 7′ wide and 2” thick. The top layer of the steps has an anti-slip coating and is attached to the structure with patented hooks recessed into the glass, without the need to drill holes in the glass to keep the top surface intact. The railing is also made of extra-clear tempered glass 1.5” inches thick. Additionally, all the glass has been laminated with the SGP plastic (SentryGlas® by Dupont).

patented fitting
top glass
custom glass stair marretti
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Marretti®Italy staircases transcend mere physical connections between floors; they bridge the realms of reality, ideas, and dreams. Acting as a dynamic dialogue between spaces, these modern staircases eloquently express themselves through the language of technology and imagination. With each project, Marretti®Italy undergoes a renewal, adapting and evolving. Today’s audacious challenge is to soar to new heights.


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