We love inventing, creating, perfecting Staircases since 1900

The staircase is a microcosm of the Universe, synthesising our passions, research and geometries

Stairs and banisters are characterised by essential, young, and innovative aesthetics that give a new lease of life to Marretti’s values and style. Skill and substance are the cornerstones of this line that epitomises the patented technology, the materials selected, and the sixth sense for space which for over 40 years have made Marretti stairs synonymous with Italian elegance worldwide.

Marretti Staircases: Italian Elegance Worldwide

It comes entirely naturally to us to continually imagine new steps, new stairs. Florence and Tuscany – the city and the environs where our company was born and raised – are dense with art and beauty. Living in the midst of this from dawn to dusk we feel we have absorbed these ideals. Ideals that almost spontaneously resurface in our work and in our creations. We have continued to study and imagine, to build and improve, always. Every single day we are delighted to be able to express a new idea, a new concept. We are delighted to be able to create it, in the hope that people will like it as they have in the past. Delivering beauty to an element often considered secondary, such as the staircase: this is our mission, and our aim is to find the perfect line that fuses style and function in a unique and memorable whole.

There is no path towards beauty: the beauty is the path.