We love inventing, creating, perfecting Staircases

A staircase is a microcosm of the Universe, synthesizing our passions, our quests, our geometries.

Marretti®Italy’s staircases and guards embody the essence of the company’s values and style. Craftsmanship and substance are the foundational elements of this line, which epitomizes the cutting-edge technology, meticulously selected materials, and innate sense of spatial design. For over 40 years, Marretti®Italy stairs have been synonymous with Italian style, resonating globally.

Marretti®Italy Staircases: Italian Craftsmanship Worldwide

It comes entirely natural to us to constantly conceive new steps, new staircases. Florence and Tuscany – the city and the landscapes where our company originated and flourished – are rich with art and beauty. Immersed in this environment from dawn to dusk, we feel we have internalized these ideals. They manifest almost effortlessly in our work and creations. Our journey has been one of a continual study, imagination, construction, and enhancement, day after day.

Each day presents an opportunity to unveil a fresh idea, a new concept. We revel in the process of creation, in the hope that our endeavors resonate with people, much as they have in the past. Our mission is to bestow beauty upon what is often considered a secondary element, such as the staircase. Our aim is to find the perfect harmony that melds style and functionality into a singular, unforgettable entity.

There is no path towards beauty: beauty is the path.