Like a Hull of Ship

The cantilevered HULL staircase is made up of wooden steps supplied in various essences (Beech, Oak, Doussiè, Wengè, Teak, Iroko), and with multiple finishes (oil, bleached, polyurethane paints, etc.), with the characteristic shape of a hull of ship.

They can also be coated with resin in any color chosen from our catalog. For this model, all the railings of our production are available, such as: structural glass, with horizontal stainless steel rods, Gaudì, laser-shaped stainless steel panel etc.

For this type of staircase, a load-bearing wall is required for anchoring the steps.
The HULL cantilever stairs have a patented wall fixing system with steel pins and are tested with a certified load test for a total capacity of 150 kg for each step.

cantilever white staircase ship hull marretti2

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