Award Winning

A sixth Sense for Space has made Marretti stairs synonymous with Italian elegance in the world!

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Italian Design

Forefront of Contemporary Living

The Marretti stairs are modern staircases that connect floors but also reality, ideas, dreams: they are a dialogue between spaces and use the language of technology and imagination. Marretti is renewed with each project. Today’s challenge is to fly.

Top Quality

Since 50 years Marretti is at the forefront in the design and manufacture of stairs

Stylish Modern

Since 1970, every interior staircase designed and manufactured by Marretti is a modern staircase that sets new rules, breaks limits, establishes tastes.

  • Award Winning

  • Unmistakable Design

  • Best Quality

  • Incredibly Beautiful

  • Modern and Elegant

  • Made in Italy

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